As a start to my blog I'll write an introductory post. In my experience such a post is hardly ever read, but can be a good aid to the writer (me) for deciding on the topics to write about in the coming year.

When I look at my career thus far I've worked a lot with the .NET Framework and JavaScript related tech. I had my first part-time programming job in 2007 and meanwhile studied software engineering up to a MSc which I acquired in 2010. Afterwards I worked for the biggest financial advisory and insurance comparison website in The Netherlands. Recently I started a new job at a bank.

Thus far my CV lists the following languages, frameworks and tooling:
C#, .NET (Core), WCF, JavaScript, SQL, Angular, AngularJS, React, ASP.NET, TypeScript, Ruby, R, LaTeX, jQuery, Team Foundation Server, Git, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web API.

Topics to write about

My new job includes working with Vue.js. I'll definitely write some posts about my experiences with it in comparison to Angular.

The new job also comes with more Docker, Kubernetes and build systems than my previous job.

I've previously created a validation library for Angular and have plans for creating a slightly different library for validation tasks in Angular. I believe Injectors in Angular are not very much understood but carry a lot of potential when creating applications. It's another topic to write about. I've previously created a very simple CMS using AngularJS and might re-create it in Angular.

Git has many interesting advanced features that I've hardly used and would like to gain more experience with.

Looking at .NET and Visual Studio, something that "frustrates" me is the trend of wanting to create lots of projects for a simple application. Whereas I see them more as deployment entities. This, and my disliking of ConfigureAwait(false) might also be interesting for readers.

That's it for now!